The saddest thing I heard tonight… child abuse survivor’s story.

This story is really horrendous, and incidents like these happen on a large scale in almost all countries unnoticed and the only reason is- the victims’ fear, trauma, and criticism from the people around. They are too afraid to open and speak up and this all because they are deprived of love, affection, and attention from near dear ones. Every time I hear or read such life incidents it makes me really really sad that we are living in the 21st century and how people could be so mean, when the world is ready to set its feet on Mars, we still have prevailing problems like these.
It is because of the women that we exist and still, they are tortured to such acts.

Diary of an OTD Girl

A letter to parents from a parent. Please take the time to read this and feel free to share. We need to start a conversation about child abuse and the repercussions of what this can do to the victim later on in life.

Tonight I heard something that literally broke my heart. I can’t go into too many details but I’ll give you a basic run through of what I was told.

A young girl of around 17 was being physically abused by her parents. As a strictly religious household (I can’t say which religion), they felt she was doing things that to them was bad.

We are not talking about anything really bad. It was things like getting home 5 mins later than planned. Getting a grade less than expected in school. Not helping enough around the house etc etc.

She was expected to do a huge chunk of…

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