Combating climate change!!

COMBATING CLIMATE CHANGEINTRODUCTION:‘Climate change’ a combination of just two words but, have a great impact on this entire earth. The discussions and debates on climate change has been started since 1992 and has gained a wide popularity in the 21st century. Recently a teenager ‘Greta Thunberg’ have criticised the world leaders regarding the climate changeContinue reading “Combating climate change!!”


Afghan women faced the threat of mutilation for wearing nail polish or lipstick. They were barred from stepping out of home without male companion, were publicly flogged for violating the dress code. They were denied education. These were the condition of women under Taliban rule from 1996-2001. They were not treated as humans, a girlContinue reading “DOHA TALKS: AFGHANISTAN VS TALIBAN”

Shaking pillars of Pakistan autonomy.

In July, Pakistan saw another reform in education. The govt. of Imran khan decided to conclude its unification of the three systems of education (Urdu medium schools, English medium schools, and the Madrassas). It announced an Islamic course at the master’s level and allowed raids on printing presses in Punjab province to confiscate hostile publications.Continue reading “Shaking pillars of Pakistan autonomy.”

World’s Hypocrisy

Sometimes his long beard is banned, sometimes he is given the command not to keep the Quran. Sometimes they are tried to brainwash, sometimes their forced sterilization of women. Whenever such accusations were made about Uighur Muslims, China always described them as baseless, but there are many such reports with evidences that couldn’t be ignored.Continue reading “World’s Hypocrisy”

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