Recently there were some tensions in the region around west-bank with few clashes which cooled down after a while, but, it again rose at the end of the week hours before the annual MAY 10 Jerusalem Day procession by Jewish groups through the old city of East Jerusalem to mark the day, the territory was seized by the Israeli forces during 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Clashes broke out between the police forces and Palestinians inside the premise of Al-Aqsa mosque, third holiest site of Islam and also one of the most contested sites of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


The Al – Aqsa mosque is located in a plaza at the Temple Mount, known as Haram-e-Sharif in Islam. The temple mount is also Judaism’s holiest site and the magnificent structure it is the “Dome of Rock” with a golden dome.

“Western Wall” also known as “Wailing Wall’ is one side of the retaining wall of the Al-Aqsa’s premise and is sacred to the Jews.


Egypt held Gaza from 1950 till the six day war of 1967 in which Israeli forces made military advances into the Gaza strip plus the West Bank, Golan heights and Egyptian Sinai sparking fresh bloodshed and prompting The UN Security Council to pass a resolution 242 ordering Israel to withdraw troops from the occupied territories, which was very well ignored. In the Arab-Israel war of 1967, Israel annexed the territory and incorporated it into the West Jerusalem, captured earlier in the 1947 war. After the 1967 war, Israel gave the administration and management of Al-Aqsa mosque back to Jordan, while denying the access of non-Muslim to Al-Aqsa. However, Jewish individuals and groups have made repeated attempts to gain entry to the Temple Mount plaza.


With the passage of time various developments took place both by the Israel and the Palestine regarding their superiority over Al-Aqsa. Both Israel and Palestine have declared Jerusalem as their capital and therefore Al-Asa is central to the rival claims.

1980: Israel parliament passed the Jerusalem law declaring it the capital.

Since, late 1990s around the time of the first Intifada (rebellion) such attempts reccured as Jewish settlers began claiming land in East Jerusalem and surrounding areas which led to repeated clash at Al-Aqsa.

1998: Palestinian declaration of independence. Presently the Palestinian authority as its headquater in Ramallah.

2000: Palestine declared Jerusalem as their putative capital by a law passed by the Palestinian authority.


In 1992 and 1993 an agreement took place between the Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which was known as the Oslo Accord, which was regarded as the stepping stone in creating a peace in the middle-east and two accords were signed for the same, the first accord, which formally recognizes the state of Israel and in turn Israel allowed the Palestine some form of interim self governance, the Palestinian National Authority and the withdrawal of Israeli Defence Force from the area of Gaza and the West Bank. The second accord granted Palestinian autonomy in certain parts o West Bank and Gaza.

But which was considered to be the stepping stone, creating peace in the middle-east soon turned back to the earlier turmoil, Israel has declared war on Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 and launched various assaults on Hamas in Gaza and few operation that goes by- OPERATION CAST LEAD 2008, OPERATION PILLAR of DEFENCE 2012 and OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE 2014.


It is feared that the Israeli Army is drawing up proposals for a ground invasion and is merely awaiting the sign-off from political leaders in Jerusalem before going ahead, assuring further casualties. The Israel finance minister quoted “this incident was the direct result of incitement by Palestinian terror group”, on its twitter handle, the ministry posted photos of stones purportedly collected from inside the premise were planning to attack the 10 MAY procession and therefore the police changes the route of the procession at last minute which furthers the tensions.

This is seen as the worst outbreak of fighting in Israel since 2014, but the clashes between the two can often be seen on May 15 (NAQBA DAY), which commemorates the exodus of around 700,000 Palestinians because of the Arab-Israerl war of 1948.


US Secretary general expressed deep concern over the violence and the possible eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem. A White House spokesperson said the US wanted Israeli and Palestinian authorities to act decisively and to de-escalate the tension.

The UAE, which recently recognized the statehood of Israel has condemned the clashes and planned eviction in Jerusalem over the past week.

Saudi Arabia mentioned that “it rejects Israel’s plan and measures to evict many Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Imran Khan took twitter condemning Israel by quoting “Israel has violated all forms of humanity and International law.

Scotland openly criticized Israel,while, Turkey urged the global world to take actions against Israel.

Germany’s foreign minister quoted “rocket fire on Israeli civilians is not justifiable under any circumstances and certainly no contribution to resolve the conflicts, but a senseless new escalation of violence. All sides have a duty to prevent further civilian casualties”.

The Czech foreign minister quoted “we strongly condemn any incitement to violence and hope that further escalation of unrest in Jerusalem will be averted”.

The France issued a statement “In this regard France is deeply concerned by the threat of forced evictions against residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which are linked to the settlement policy, which is illegal under international law and exacerbate tension. France also reaffirms its commitment to preserving the historic status quo on the Temple Mount.

And the Israel PM said that it would not allow any extremist element to undermine the quiet Jerusalem and that it will uphold law and order and will continue to safeguard freedom of worship for all faiths but it will not allow violent disturbance.


In my opinion, I would say that Israel was recognized as an independent sovereign body recently by the UAE signing ‘ABRAHAM ACCORD’ brokered by the USA, and the recognition followed by the Bahrain, Sudan and few other countries, which means now it has established a formal relation with these countries, curbing the barriers of exchange of citizens, trades etc. And, further developments could be seen in the relation of Israel with other countries too, so, I believe it would not come into the direct war with the Palestine and evicting the various Palestinians from their homes as concerned by many countries, because, executing such action plan will definitely deteriorate its relationship with not only the countries, which recognizes it as a state but with other countries, with which it holds a firm relations too.




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