Also called pilsener or simply pills.

It’s a type of pale lager.

Took it’s name from Bohemian city of pilsen where it was first produced in 1842 by Bavarian brewer JOSEF groll and the reason behind it’s production is very interesting.

Many of us have had tasted a few beers which we didn’t like at all. That’s exactly what happened in Pilsen where consumers dramatic dissatisfaction over the beer led to the creation of first pilsener beer 🍻

It’s the world’s first pale lager, the original pilsener Urquell is still produced there.

And not to forget after that various countries have evolved their own pilsener.

GERMAN STYLE PILSENER. it’s a light straw to golden colour with more bitter or earthly taste

CZECH STYLE PILSEN. Golden, full of colors, with high foaminess and lighter flavour.

EUROPEAN STYLE PILSENER. has a slightly sweet taste and it can be produced from other barley malt.

AMERICAN STYLE PILSENER German immigrants brought pilsener style beer to America. Therefore, American style pilsen are still closer to German style pilsener.


  1. My father was diabetic (back in the 80s). This beer was the only one he would drink as it had less sugar than other beers. Now that I have grown myself, I understand that they just allow more of the sugar to become alcohol.

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