Also called pilsener or simply pills.

It’s a type of pale lager.

Took it’s name from Bohemian city of pilsen where it was first produced in 1842 by Bavarian brewer JOSEF groll and the reason behind it’s production is very interesting.

Many of us have had tasted a few beers which we didn’t like at all. That’s exactly what happened in Pilsen where consumers dramatic dissatisfaction over the beer led to the creation of first pilsener beer 🍻

It’s the world’s first pale lager, the original pilsener Urquell is still produced there.

And not to forget after that various countries have evolved their own pilsener.

GERMAN STYLE PILSENER. it’s a light straw to golden colour with more bitter or earthly taste

CZECH STYLE PILSEN. Golden, full of colors, with high foaminess and lighter flavour.

EUROPEAN STYLE PILSENER. has a slightly sweet taste and it can be produced from other barley malt.

AMERICAN STYLE PILSENER German immigrants brought pilsener style beer to America. Therefore, American style pilsen are still closer to German style pilsener.

Combating climate change!!

‘Climate change’ a combination of just two words but, have a great impact on this entire earth. The discussions and debates on climate change has been started since 1992 and has gained a wide popularity in the 21st century. Recently a teenager ‘Greta Thunberg’ have criticised the world leaders regarding the climate change steps to gain control over it. The term “Global warming” and “Climate change” are somewhat co-related.
In 1992, the UNs “EARTH SUMMIT’ produced the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change [UNFCCC] as a first step in addressing this problem.
In 1995, the “KYOTO PROTOCOL”, which legally binds the developed country to emission reduction targets.
At the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris concluded the “PARIS AGREEMENT”.
In 2019 “CLIMATE ACTION SUMMIT” world leaders of governments, the private sector and civil society all came together to support the multilateral process and to increase and accelerate climate action and ambition.
All the countries uses plastic for various purposes and are discarded after the use, in developed countries they have adapted various ways of discarding it while, in developing countries they still lacks measures of discarding it in a proper way and this scenario even worsens in underdeveloped countries. And when sunlight and heat acts on it, it causes the plastic to release powerful ‘greenhouse gases’ which leads to global warming.
As our climate change, the planet gets hotter and hotter and the plastics breaks down into more of methane and ethylene which as a result increases the rate of climate change.
SOLUTION- 1. By reducing the production of plastic and adapting to its alternative.

  1. A committee should be made by government to check the usage of plastic and penalising people and institutions who circulates it [in case if it is totally banned] and discards it openly.
  2. At individual level we have to stop its circulation and we should carry paper bags, jute bags and cloth bags. We also should reuse the plastic bags which are already in circulation.
  3. Many times the plastic has been banned in Uttar Pradesh but still its very popularly used at every place so government need to take strict actions regarding this.
    To eradicate the plastic waste its other alternative like plastic waste road which has been constructed in Lucknow should be promoted to other regions also. The Mathura’s plastic to diesel conversion plant should be installed at other places and this plant is capable of eliminating 5 metric tonnes of plastic every day and each tonne of plastic is capable of producing 150-200 litres of diesel.
    At places like Restaurants and Marriage lawns food wastage is very obvious thing and it could be solved by circulating a law that each restaurants and marriage lawns should install a sludge of their own and making compost out of wasted food and they can sell it or donate it to farmers. Also, the government issue letter to restaurants to start buying their essentials from nearby market vendors which also helps farmers financially and there will be reduction of transportation which ultimately will reduce the carbon production thus, lowering the climate change rate.
    The polar region of arctic which is also known as ‘Last Ice Area’ is melting at a very fast rate and it will also lead to extinction of polar bears and seals. Due to melting of ice ‘Phosine Distemper Virus’ [PDV] is spreading even to pacific oceans and it is killing the ocean creature within 10 days and are able to affect other animals when comes in contact. In 1988, when this virus was found about 23,000 seals were dead and in 2002, about 30,000 seals were found dead.
    It has been researched and studied very well and was found that various cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Dhaka, Vietnam, Thailand and other cities which is not much elevated from mean sea level will be submerged into water by 2050.
    It has been found in a study that, due to worsening effect of climate change the economy of 82 countries will go down and the worst affected country will be the Africa where the economy will go down by 4.7 percent and it is not hidden from us that Africa already is underdeveloped and struggles infrastructurally.
    Due to climate change an airport in Greenland have to shut down its operation within 5 years because of melting ice and developing of cracks on its runway.
    At home, even the wooden furniture releases an organic compound ‘Formaldehyde’ which is a greenhouse gas affects human health and in atmosphere they breaks down into formic acid and carbon monoxide and are highly toxic to aquatic creatures. To curb these we can plant rubber tree in our locality and at home in our pots and gardens we can plant Peace lily, Tulsi, Ereca Palm, and Money Plant are some of the suggested plants by the researchers to avoid the bad effects of formaldehyde.
    In the United Nations and Paris Climate Summit it was suggested from the deep study that if the speed of ships be reduced by just 20% it will reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by the ships by 24% and that will also reduce the noise of the ships by 66% which will be very helpful for the aquatic creatures as the noise created by the ships is very dangerous to them.
    In this modern era when everyone and everything is connected with e-mails and other platforms like this really have a very large impact on our planet for instance-The sending of one email is estimated to produce 0.000001 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. And we can already think of how much spam or junk e-mails are we receiving daily, according to a new study of habbits of UK- Sending email has such a high carbon footprint that just cutting out a single email a day — such as ones that simply say “LOL” — could have the same effect as removing thousands of cars from the street, Around 62 trillion spam messages are sent every year, requiring the use of 33bn kilowatt hours (KWh) of electricity and causing around 20 million tonnes of CO2e per year.
    With this data one can very well imagine the impact of so much of digitalization, in this what we can do at our individual level is that we can unsubscribe from all wanted e-mails and we can enlighten our friends and neigbours the same and at my individual level I have told this thing to my known people.
    Before summing up myself I must say that countries are trying and doing the best possible thing to combat this major issue and likewise in India we can see that we are doing so much in adapting renewable sources of energy like solar plants, windmills and various projects like ‘solar canal’ one thing which I want to add regarding solar projects is that most government offices at rural areas and urban areas wherever possible be operated through solar electricity. And we must not forget that adapting to renewable sources of energy requires very high investment and developing economies in African continent and Asian continent couldn’t afford investing so much on these projects which could hinder the development of these countries in other major areas and the children of these countries have to live in a poverty striken economy for another few decades. Therefore, while combating climate change we must not forget that the kids and the future generation must not get affected with our current moves and policies.


Afghan women faced the threat of mutilation for wearing nail polish or lipstick. They were barred from stepping out of home without male companion, were publicly flogged for violating the dress code. They were denied education. These were the condition of women under Taliban rule from 1996-2001. They were not treated as humans, a girl could not go to school and even could not visit a doctor without a male companion.

Peace talks have always been a sophisticated process across the world, but in Afghanistan it is more than that because of Taliban.


The country has witnessed the overthrow of the monarchy, a nationalist dictatorship, communist rule, the mujahideen era, the Taliban’s Islamic emirate and the current Islamic Republic. It has also experienced almost three decades of presence of foreign forces and outside interference, especially from Pakistan.

The balance of Afghan society and polity, shaken in 1973 with the monarchy’s department, has never been restored. Instead sharpening ethnic divides, extremist ideologies and theologies, large migration to foreign lands, internal displacements, spread of narcotics and violence have become endemic.


1- The most significant issue in these negotiations will relate to the nature of Islam in Afghanistan. The taliban accepts Hanafi jurisprudence like the majority of Afghans but beleive that the Islamic Sharia in its extreme Deobandi interpretation along with distorted Pashtun social codes must be uncompromisingly followed. That manifests itself in the approach to other faiths, other Islamic mazhabs, gender issues, social conduct and apparel and even facial hair.

2- However laudable the peace process may be, it would be unrealistic to expect the Taliban to agree to a ceasefire though they may calibrate as the talks progress. The Taliban fears that if cadres are not used, they may just fritter away. Also, Kabul would not take them seriously if it lost the ability to inflict damages.

3- At its core the Taliban is Pashtun, its treatment of non-pashtun Afghan ethnicities during its rule generated hatred and fear among them. Since it has tried to put forward a pan-Afghan image.


While the peace talks was going on, the pakistan taliban worried about losing ground in Afghanistan, seeks to re-establish themselves. The ethnic Pashtun border region was for years a haven for its militants who fled the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. But the Pakistani military cleared out the strongholds in a 2014 – offensive, driving most of the fighters into Afghanistan. But since March this year Al-Qaeda linked Pakistani Taliban, facing the risk of losing havens on the Afghan Taliban allies make peace there, have unleashed a wave of attacks on the Pakistani security forces.

September (month in which peace talk is going on between Afghan government and taliban) has seen near daily incidents of roadside attacks to sniper attacks, to ambushes and the killing of residents accused of collaborating with government Forces.

In my opinion I believe that, The Pakistani Taliban or Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s (TTP) increasing activity is concerning because of its activities and it’s link to Al-Qaeda. It could again provide significant support to international groups if it continues to regain around.

The UN said in a report in July there were more than 6000 Pakistanis

fighters in Afghanistan, most affiliated with the TTP, who could be heading home if they loose their refuge.


Shaking pillars of Pakistan autonomy.

In July, Pakistan saw another reform in education. The govt. of Imran khan decided to conclude its unification of the three systems of education (Urdu medium schools, English medium schools, and the Madrassas).

It announced an Islamic course at the master’s level and allowed raids on printing presses in Punjab province to confiscate hostile publications. Since education is a provincial subject, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are bound to bear the brunt of this reform as they are ruled by Khan’s Tehreek-e-insaaf party.

Teachers labelled liberal and secular are the first to be rendered jobless under the looming reform. Nuclear physicist Parvez hoodbhoy thesis is that the reform will make the madrassa dominate the other two streams and that an already religiously oriented educational system will be further Islamised. Pakistan’s universities are not recognised outside Pakistan because of the heavy ideological content in their syllabi and the daunting presence of religious fundamentalist elements in them.

The problem with education in a Muslim state is its reluctance to impart analytical and critical thinking. When a Pakistani educationist sits down to frame textbook content he is scared of the critical trait of the human mind. His objective is to prevent the student from applying a critical yardstick while analysing ideology.

The recent law allows the Punjab administration to form vigilante groups that could assault publishing houses to cull objectionable content and destroy it and subject the publisher-writer to punishment. Pakistan is not alone among the Muslim state to have an educational system hostile to free knowledge. The Arab world is equally crippled while IRAN and TURKEY have succumbed to Islamism and its anti-knowledge worldview.

The other negative factor in the Muslim world is the frequent incidence of war that upsets the intellectual conditions required for education, replacing it with propaganda. There is also the rise of Islamism that damages the edifice of rational learning. Boko Haram ( an Islamic revival terrorist organisation operating ghastly in Nigeria) attacks rational institutions (English medium) and renamed them as “English medium education is not allowed”.

The other negative factor is the incidence of violence in the shape of war and civil war. In the case of Pakistan, there is little money left after fighting or preparing for wars which are not hidden from anyone, there is no money left for education after meeting the expenditure on the armed forces. In the Arab world too there is frequent war during which no one thinks of education.

Teachers too are problem. Most of the primary school teachers in Pakistan are Madrassa graduates who have acquired knowledge that equips them for no secular profession.

The state sector education mostly relies on brainwash as the teaching methodology. Looking for good teachers is a problem of the Islamic world outstrips the capacity of the state to produce good teachers capable of imparting modern knowledge.

In an article in Arab News, Zaid M Balbagi wrote: Compounded by record levels of teachers reaching retirement age alongside unprecedented numbers of children entering the education system, UNESCO’s Institute for statistics indicated that 1.6million new teaching posts will need to be created in the Arab world if universal education is to be achieved”.

World’s Hypocrisy

Sometimes his long beard is banned, sometimes he is given the command not to keep the Quran.

Sometimes they are tried to brainwash, sometimes their forced sterilization of women.

Whenever such accusations were made about Uighur Muslims, China always described them as baseless, but there are many such reports with evidences that couldn’t be ignored. Still the condition of Uighur Muslims does not get much attention from the world. Even those countries which become the flag bearers of Muslims, they are never seen to raise the voice for them.

China never tolerate any kind of opposition on its own land, which is not a nascent fact.

China’s strategy:

Many countries, including Pakistan, are involved in China’s Belt and Road Initiative(BRI),and China ensures that the countries participating in the project will not interfere in any of its matters.
  China is building a network of roads,railway lines and ports through the BRI project, which will bridge the gap between Asia, Europe and Africa. China started this project few years ago, in order to materialize it has shed billions of dollars like water. Pakistan bordering Xinjiang, has been a part of this project from the beginning. It has given a loan of billion of dollars to Pakistan. China can move anywhere in Pakistan because of CPEC. In such a situation, Pakistan is good against China in support of Uighur Muslims.

What the other countries says:

  Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, but in case of Uighur Muslims it has always said that he talks directly to China about this.
Saudi Arabia which presents itself as the leader of the Sunni Muslims world. But in an interview to Chinese government television, Crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman said, it is the right of China to take necessary steps against extremists for their National security.
When it comes to Turkey, it is believed that Uighurs find themselves culturally closer to turkey than to China. Five years ago Turkish President said that Uighur Muslims were welcome in his country but later Turkish tones changed.


China had worked hard for many years to ensure full international supporter and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation(SCO) is a perfect example for this. SCO was formed in 2001, it’s main objective is to fight separatism, extremism and terrorism. The basic principle of this organization is that the core members Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will not interfere in each others internal affairs by cooperating security related. This means countries bordering with Xinjiang will not say anything to China in case of Uighur Muslims.   What the government calls a terrorist is labelled a terrorist.This method acts as a jackpot for these countries against Universal human values, it is some sort of insurance policy. With international pressure and sanctions China needs these countries to deal with them and vice versa.
   This network of China appeared to be effective last year when countries sympathetic to the Uighurs wrote a letter to the United Nations. A group of 22 countries led by U.S.,Canada, Britain and Germany wrote a letter criticizing China for raising Human Rights violations in Xinjiang. But the attempt to surround China failed as the letter was written in response to 50 countries which includes signature of Sudan, Tajikistan, Djibouti, Yemen Kuwait, Myanmar etc.
The Chinese government has made a wonderful arrangement, it is almost impossible to get pictures of Uighur Muslims out of China.
Ryan Tham, a senior Research fellow at Nottingham university believes some facts which I have mentioned here as he has been studying Uighur Muslims for almost two decades. He believes that it is very important to come out of China with more and more pictures of Uighurs, and he says that lack of photographs is a big obstacle to tell the world about the dealings with the Uighurs. He believes that China adopts a different way to show the world. China invites officials and journalists from very small countries in a very selective way to show how Uighur Muslims live in a nearly made camps.

     China shows very different pictures to the World it shows that there is classroom in which young lads are smiling, windows open with nothing like bars.Ryan Tham also says that school in which he started his sixth grade studies has now been converted to prison camps. Statistics shown by Chinese officials states that the Uighurs population is around 12million but the actual figure stands near about 2 crores.
    Xinjiang which remained free for short time, was made a part of China after the formation of Communist Party of China in 1949. By then Uighur was the majority in Xinjiang. After the death of communist party leader Maotse Tung in 1976, there was a kind of silence, and in those time millions of people from ready of China made Xinjiang their home in the insistence of government, this made the Uighur muslim realize that they were going to be a minority.
     During 1980-1989 Uighurs were very much free, Mosques used to be open, elders used to live their own life-style, they could even protest, but after the fall of Soviet Union, separatists starts increasing. Police started raiding and arresting religious leaders and young leaders too.
   When there was a terror attack in Ürümqi, Chinese government said that about 200 people died and majority of them was from Han community. Han is a majority in China. And Chinese government helds Uighurs responsible for that attack.
    And thereafter government starts building large number of concentration camps, schools were made into prison camps.

Chinese believes Religion as a virus and hence Uighurs are torchered in large scale, they are kept starving, and large number of people are forced to live in cell like hell. In prison camps they are forced to adapt the party’s propoganda, they are forced to sing Chinese Red song. Elders can’t learn the Red song easily as a result they are harassed for this, They are asked if there is any existence of God. And if they reply yes they are brutally beaten.    Earlier Chinese government refuses that these kind of campus exists but then later they accept it and said that they call it as a Re-education Centre. Some people are kept in prison till they become 20 after that they are send forcibly to work in factories of large branded companies.  Even out of camps, in region of Xinjiang they are under eagle’s eye of the government. Cameras are installed especially for facial recognition, check points are installed  at every 200 metre, even inside their house they are under observation, government officials are send as house guest to live in their houses.

Voice raising the interests of Uighurs and other minorities in China is considered as voice against China.
Countries dependent on China’s investments can’t bear the risk to raise their voice.

At last but not least I would like to say that countries laying gangsta I’m their tiny little room needs to come forward and build up an international pressure on China to get the clear picture of Uighurs and took some necessary steps to control despotic China on certain issues.

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